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Cross with hearts and flowers

Fondant Stacked Wedding Cake

Heart Cake with Scroll Design

Multi-colored Roses

Roses on Garden Stand

Square Cake with Hearts and Scroll Design

Tiered Wedding Cake

Tiered Cake with multi-colored roses

2 Tiered Cake with Hearts

3 Presents

3 tiered White Roses Cake

Yellow Roses with Vines and Leaves

2 Presents with Pink Bow

Roses and Hearts Cake

Roses & Hearts - sheet cake

Roses on Sheet Cake

Presents with silk flowers

Oval Basketweave with Roses

2 Tiered Cake with Hearts & Pink Roses

Hearts and multi-roses closeup

Beach cake with fountain

Beach Cake

3 square package

3 stacked fondant cake

Red and White Cake

Heart Wedding cake

Top Tier of Heart Wedding Cake

4 stacked round colored cornelli lace

4 tiered hearts

4 stacked square

2 tiered round

3 stacked square red logo

Sage fondant ribbon on clear cake stands

3 tier with ball separators

Fondant Bride Dress

Fondant tux Cake

3 tier pastel square cake

Pink & Brown 2-tiered cake

Beach Themed Wedding Cake

Monogram, burgundy roses

Black & White scroll 2-tiered stacked cake

White swirls with red gumpaste roses


3 stack square multi roses

2 Tier with Stringwork

Whimsical Cake

2 Tier Red and White Roses with Ribbons

2 Tier Wedding Cake with Roses, Ribbons & Hearts

4 Tier Cake with Pillars

Lover's Cake with Hearts & Roses

3 Tier Wedding Cake wth Red Ribbon

2 Tier Cake with Appliques

2 Tier Present Cake

3D Open Book Cake

3 Tier Special Events Cake

Cupcake Tree

Roses on Top